Trump Declares a National Emergency

Trump declares a national emergency almost ensuring an intense legal battle at the Supreme Court. What does Trump’s move mean, and why was it done? Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a career clinical psychologist, joins the Wink News team to discuss.

It’s been a politically active 2019,  beginning in the standoff on a funding bill in December 2018. After signaling to the GOP leadership in December that he would sign off on a spending bill to keep the government open, President Trump did a 180 after he was called out by conservative voices. Those calling out Trump include Anne Coulter, who said the only national emergency is the ‘idiot’ in the White House.  Rush Limbaugh has also been critical.

Their threat was simple: if you don’t build the wall, you won’t get re-elected.

The Stand Off

This has been the longest shutdown in history — 30+ days. It was also the first ever initiated by a president. There were 800,000 workers working without pay, not able to make their mortgage and other fundamental monthly payments. There is also 100s of thousands more — who were contract workers that will never recoup their lost funds. The impact on the economy was costing billions.

Despite Jenine Piero claiming “the president did not cave,” he sort of did cave. He signed a bill to reopen the government, and then negotiate over the next several weeks to find a solution to the contentious border wall funding to avert yet another government shutdown in February.

A bipartisan committee was formed to work out a compromise, and, despite it now having less border wall funding than the December bill he refused to sign, President Trump did sign this recent bill to keep the government funded. But, he also ignored advisors like the GOP leadership and moved forward to declare a national emergency so he could repurpose money from the military budget to the building of the wall.

Dr. Bart Rossi joins the Wink News team to discuss the psychology behind this latest move by the president, a man who sold himself as a master negotiator — he promised “a wall that Mexico would pay for, believe me”, who failed to get that done, and then failed to convince Congress or the majority of the American people to support his vision on the southern border.

Trump Declares a National Emergency

Now in a box of his own making, President Trump is looking for a way out, and declaring a national emergency seems to be the strategy. What does all this mean for the presidency, the country, the constitutional challenge it will face in court, and its impact on the nation?

Watch this episode where Dr. Bart Rossi injects perspective into the psychology behind the players.




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