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Opioid use Spikes in U.S.

The opioid use spikes in the U.S., and Dr.  Bart Rossi, PhD. a clinical psychologist provides some insights to what is going on. Couple’s are collapsing and nodding off in their cars while their toddlers are in the back seat; a mother passes out in the toy aisle of a store while her toddler tries to shake her awake. What is opioid and why is it dismantling families? Who does it affect?

The scenes are hard to watch, and more difficult to understand how people get this addicted — to the detriment of the their own children.

Dr. Rossi discusses mental health and pain, the problems, the misinformation, and what we need to do to overcome it. And this seems to be a severe problem that is affecting middle white America, not usually the minority communities.

Opioid use Spikes in U.S.

The Opioid Crisis



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