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Who Are The Trump for President Followers?

Leading in the polls, the booming Donald Trump's momentum continues. But where does this support come from, who are the Trump for President followers? And why do they follow him? Dr.

Insider Mag Highlights Dr. Bart Rossi’s Views of the GOP Debate

Insider Magazine sees millennials as disengaged from social media about politics. In a recent article Insider Mag highlights Dr. Bart Rossi's  views of the GOP debate, noting that this political psychologist has

Dr. Bart Rossi Compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP Debate

Dr. Bart Rossi compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP debate for the

A Psychological View of the Struggles of the Millennial Bridesmaid

In an article entitled "7 Struggles Of Being A Millennial Bridesmaid That Make It Way Less Fun" by Jessica Schirripa of Elite Daily, she reached out to Dr. Bart Rossi,

Gov. Christie’s Relationship with the Media

A look at Gov. Christie's relationship with the media as he runs for President! Dr. Bart Rossi looks at the personality aspects of Governor Christie as a Presidential candidate!

Hillary vs Jeb for 2016

Hillary vs. Jeb for 2016 Evaluating the 2016 Presidential Campaigns is rampant as people are speculating another election contest. psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. provides insights to from a psychological

Freedom of Speech Vs Hate

Freedom of speech vs hate is a discussion again. In the aftermath of the shooting at an anti-Islamic art exhibit, Dr. Bart Rossi PhD joins the panel -- as the

A Winning Personality for the Presidential Race of 2016

A Winning Personality for the Presidential Race of 2016 is the point that Dr. Bart Rossi Ph.D. focuses on in this weeks The Fresh Outlook round table.

Doctor Ethics

A lot of patients are being over medicated and the goal of the doctors is to sell the drugs? Why are doctors being questioned more today? Where is the ethics

Parkinson Awareness Month

Doctor Bart Rossi PhD appears on The Fresh Outlook during Parkinson Awareness Month to highlight the behavioral issues associated with Parkinson's disease, including depression with agitation, serious sleep problems, and